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Ways To Celebrate And Share Some Love This February

February 28th, 2021

February is the month that celebrates love, family, and togetherness. Of course, Valentines’s Day is recognized as the main event, but the appreciation of others doesn’t have to end on the 14th; it’s something you can practice all month—and all year—long. Even during the pandemic, there are multiple ways to reach out and show appreciation for those around us.

Send Notes of Gratitude

Gratitude doesn’t specifically mean gratefulness for some specific thing—it’s more like a broad sense of appreciation. Think of how nice it feels when someone lets you know you’re appreciated; you can spread this same feeling to others with just a minimum of effort. Whether it’s a handwritten note or a digital message, put down in words how much a person means to you and it will brighten their day! The Hamlets features a page to deliver messages to residents, which can be found here.

Donate and Support

Within your community, there are plenty of worthy causes that may be struggling to find support during this time. Pick a cause that is important to you and research ways in which they could use a helping hand. A small donation can go a long way, or there may be opportunities to volunteer your time and lend a helping hand.

Share the Love

Small, local businesses, in particular, are facing a tough time because of the pandemic. Shop local whenever possible and try to make an active effort to brighten employees’ days. Even from behind a mask, a smile shows through, so flash those pearly whites and spread the love within your community!

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