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Tips to Help Seniors Shop Safely Online

November 24th, 2021

Shopping online is here to stay yet many seniors feel reluctant to try it. Yet shopping online is convenient, easy, and there is no risk of catching anything from someone in a busy department store or being jostled in line. Here are some tips to help seniors shop safely online.

Computer Skills

Some seniors don’t want to shop online because they don’t have good computer skills. If this is the issue, then talking them through the process can help. Or sitting next to them while they do it. Shopping online is a learned skill just like sending an email. The more one does it, the easier it is to do.

Addressing Fears

Dangers of shopping online are greatly reduced if one stays with major retailers. Suggest to your senior friends or relatives to try shopping with a major brand that has a long experience with online shopping. Examples of this would be Amazon.ca or Etsy for handmade items. With Amazon, you can have an online address book and ship to multiple locations. These are online marketplaces that have good reputations and long histories.

Local Stores

For those who would prefer to shop local, you can call a local store, and these days you can often do the whole transaction on the phone without ever having to go to the store or use the computer. So, if there is a local store you like, call them! Some will ship for you, and if not, you can usually arrange curb-side pickup or delivery.

Do It for Them

Another possibility is to get your parent’s or grandparent’s shopping list, and you do the online shopping for them. You can always settle up with them at a later date. But if this solution reduces everyone’s worries, then try it! We all want a worry-free holiday season, so whatever works for you is the best solution.

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