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Safe Summer Activities for Kamloops Seniors

June 30th, 2021

Kamloops, BC, is a terrific place to be in the summer, and there are lots of safe activities for seniors.  In this blog article, we will give you some ideas, but the list below is only a partial list of what seniors could do in Kamloops in the summer.


There are not less than eight golf courses in the Kamloops area. These courses cover all kinds of terrain including flat, desert-like terrain and beautiful mountainous areas. There are some spectacular vistas to see if you are a golfer.

Take Advantage of the Water

Kamloops lies along the Thompson River and near Kamloops Lake. Aside from Kamloops lake there are about 100 other lakes nearby. In the summer, you can not only do water sports and fishing, but how about just taking a walk, making a picnic, or taking some photos? The water is a lovely background for exercise, hobbies, and meditation.


Seniors can visit museums all year round. If it’s a rainy day or too hot for your taste, then visit one of several museums. There is the Kamloops Art Gallery, the Secwepemc Museum & Heritage Park, and the Kamloops Museum and Archives, just to name a few.

Plant Something

Take advantage of the Kamloops warm and semi-arid climate to grow something. You can start seeds on a deck or patio for plants that can stay outside all year round or come inside in the winter. It’s not too late to grow some peas on your terrace or start some hardy flowering plants like Sedum species. There is no heavy lifting required to start a few seeds in tiny pots.

In a town as lovely as Kamloops there are activities available throughout the year. Make the most of your summer while the good weather lasts.

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