Changing expectations of senior living communities

Changing expectations of senior living communities

March 26th, 2018

Senior living communities are changing. Long gone is the stereotypical model of a facility that feels like an antiseptic, cookie-cutter building with bad paint and cheap carpets. Instead, seniors are demanding better facilities, more home-like residences, and the feel of independence. As their expectations become greater, top-grade assisted living facilities, such as The Hamlets at Westsyde, are adapting and developing to meet their desires and needs.

Seniors are healthier and more active than ever before. They don’t want to just sit in front of a television and waste away. This is why landscaping, paths and trails become more important. Seniors want places to go outside, walk, and enjoy nature. Sitting in front of the television has been replaced with a leisurely stroll that ends in a nice cup of tea.

What to expect from an assisted living community

Moving into an assisted living community can be challenging for any senior, regardless of how prepared they are. Many people are concerned about giving up their independence and freedom. But what should a senior expect in assisted living? Here are a few things:

Safety – the home can be one of the most dangerous places for a senior. Most homes aren’t designed with seniors in mind, so we’ve removed the narrow staircases, the slippery floors, and we provide the security of knowing that if something happens, trained medical staff are there to help.

Friendship – loneliness is a huge problem for seniors as their neighbourhood gets younger around them. Moving into a Kamloops assisted living community will allow them to make new friends and be more sociable. At The Hamlets, we have a specialized program designed to get seniors talking with other seniors.

Healthy food that you don’t have to cook – yes, there is a kitchenette in your suite, but more seniors find it’s better to eat our delicious, home-cooked meals in our dining room. Our cooks ensure that the food is nutritiously balanced for a senior’s needs.

Less housework – most people don’t enjoy changing their bed sheets or mopping their floors. In assisted living, seniors don’t have to. We offer a housekeeping service and a regular linen service to keep your suite looking clean without you having to lift a finger.

Different levels of care – any good assisted living community will offer different levels of care to its residents. This all depends on the needs of the seniors and how independent they may or may not be. Some seniors can do everything be themselves and others need assistance with many daily tasks.

Building a sense of community is a core expectation. Senior living is not about being separated from the community around them, but being part of the community. At The Hamlets at Westsyde, we lead our residents out into Kamloops and help them stay active and vital within the city.

We also want them to build a sense of community within the building. Seniors are encouraged to stay active and make new friends, to communicate with those around them, and to be active participants. Seniors want to be sociable and connected and we encourage and facilitate ways for them to do exactly that.

To see just what The Hamlets at Westsyde is doing to exceed the expectations of our residents, come and talk to one of our excellent staff members and perhaps take a tour.